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The Paradise Citizensʼ Alliance (PCA) is a non-partisan, diverse group of active local citizens dedicated to improving the quality of life for all our citizens. Our citizensʼ alliance is modeled after the civic improvement leagues that existed in many communities across this nation.



The PCA carries out our mission in various ways. We take reasoned and well-informed positions on various local and regional issues that may have a significant impact on our community; we encourage greater citizen involvement and engagement in our community; and we develop with other community-based organizations programs, projects, and events which measurably improve Paradiseʼs quality of life.


Great News! Your

Donations Are Tax


The Paradise Citizensʼ Alliance (PCA) is pleased to announce that our organization is now under the 501(3)c non-profit umbrella of the North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) located in Chico, California.

You can support the important work the PCA is doing to help improve Paradise by making donations. All donations no matter what the amount are very much appreciated.

Donations are tax deductible and can be made payable by check to “NVCF/ Paradise Citizensʼ Alliance” and mailed to North Valley Community Foundation, 240 Main Street, Suite 260, Chico, CA 95928.

Thank you for your support!

First PCA Fundraiser A Success!

The PCAʼs February 12 “An Evening With Lawrence Guber” fundraiser was a huge success. It was an evening of phenomenally great musical entertainment by the two time Grammy winner and lead guitarist for Paul McCartney and his Wings band, a well as some of our very talented local musicians who played to a packed house. In addition, it raised needed funds for the PCAʼs current and future community - based advocacy efforts, programs, and projects.

A very special thank you goes to Jim Clarkson for the outstanding job he did with planning and organizing this fantastic musical event, to Paradise Rotary for providing the no-host bar, to Donn & Gerri Thomson for donating their Sierra-Hall facility, to the Comfort Inn for donating the room for our headliner Lawrence Guber, and to Chuck & Patty Rough and Sandee Williams for providing the Hors dʼ oeuvres.

PCA featured on North State television program

Paradise Citizensʼ Alliance Chair Chuck Rough traveled to Redding in August, 2014 to appear and be interviewed on KIXEʼs “The Forum” program.

Rough discussed the PCAʼs formation, the results of our community-wide, quality of life survey in late 2013, and a number of the PCAʼs upcoming projects including our newly approved student entrepreneur program and class at Paradise High school slated for the 2014.15 school term.

Watch the program Online here.

Our 2013 “Speak Up for Paradise” Community-Wide Survey

The “Speak Up for Paradise” community-wide, quality of life survey the PCA conducted through, in 2013, was for the purpose of learning what our citizens thought about the quality of life in Paradise, and identifying where there are quality of life challenges and issues. The survey results have served as a significant part of PCAʼs focus ever since.

To view a PDF summary of the survey results, click here.


While the PCA supports in principle the concept of a sewer for our downtown and other commercially zoned areas in Paradise, we reserve any formal support for an actual sewer project until the Town completes a number of sewer-related studies. These studies will determine which design alternative is the most cost effective, and if such a project is financially and economically feasible.

In October, 2015, the PCA submitted to the Town of Paradise a list of questions we urged the Town to include in their future sewer-related studies. Recent news that the Town has secured a grant to fund some of these studies is encouraging.

The PCA believes that our businesses and property owners in the downtown and other commercially zoned areas along the Skyway, Pearson Road and Clark Road deserve answers to these questions before the Town makes a final decision green lighting a sewer project in Paradise. To access this list of questions submitted to the Town click here.


The Paradise Citizens’ Alliance (PCA) has not taken a position on a proposed sewer for the commercial areas of our town at this time. However, with the concurrence of our group, the PCA submitted written comments relative to the Town’s draft sewer feasibility study to the Town of of Paradise by their March 31 deadline for public comments.

These comments on the draft sewer feasibility were written and submitted by the PCA solely to assist our community, the Town Council, and Town staff to help make the final sewer feasibility study more thorough, complete, and detailed in its analysis and evaluation.

To view our cover letter and actual submitted written comments to the TOP click here

PCAʼs Advocacy:

Since its inception, the PCA has taken positions of advocacy and support on various issues and projects that the PCA determined would measurably improve the quality of life in Paradise. These include:

• In 2014, the PCA endorsed the Town of Paradise sponsored Measure C ballot measure which the voters approved and that established a 6-year temporary sales tax increase to fund public safety and infrastructure improvements. Our support was also because the ballot measure included the establishment of a citizensʼ oversight committee to ensure that the proceeds of the sales increase go for their intended purpose. The PCA continues to monitor the implementation of Measure C.

• Endorsed the Townʼs Skyway Downtown Safety Improvement Project primarily to improve safety for pedestrians and motorists.

• At the Townʼs request, wrote letters of support for three separate State grant funded sidewalk improvement projects

• At the Townʼs request, wrote letters of support for several separate State transportation grants for various types of pedestrian improvements

• Endorsed Butte College's Measure J on the November, 2016 ballot which will provide much needed further upgrades and improvements to its facilities and programs

PCAʼs Work in Local Education:

• Helped establish in 2014/15 with the PUSD a high school student entrepreneur class at Paradise High School which is affiliated with the Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) Program at Chico State University. In its second year, our PHS student entrepreneur program which we help coordinate will for next school term not only be considered a CTE class, but PHS seniors taking the class will get senior project credit.

• Participated in the PUSDʼs three LCAP Advisory Committee processes and provided our groupʼs input on LCAP funding priorities

• Serve on the Butte County Office of Educationʼs STEM/STEAM Advisory Council

• At the PUSDʼs request, provided input in the search process for a new superintendent

PCAʼs Work With Empowering Our Youth:

• Co-sponsored with PRPD Youth Summits I & II that included youth representatives from Paradise youth organizations, identified youth determined community concerns and priorities, and sets the stage for Youth Summit III in October, 2016 with youth working with community leaders to address those priorities.

PCAʼs Election Year 2016 “Speak Up Paradise & Vote!” Campaign

The Paradise Citizens' Alliance is non-partisan. Therefore, we don't endorse candidates for public office. However, as public service, the PCA initiated our Election Year 2016 Speak Up for Paradise & Vote Campaign to better inform voters about the candidates for local non-partisan offices serving Paradise, and to encourage greater voter turnout.

This involved the PCA conducting taped interviews of candidates both in the 2016 primary and general elections, and posting those interviews on our website for a good month or more prior to the elections for the benefit of voters to access and view.


Founding Members Emeritus

  • Tom Baker
    Member, Paradise Rotary Club
  • Glenn Bruno
    Architect/Master Builder
  • Mark Dale
    Cedar Creek Communications
  • Tonya Dale
    Cedar Creek Communications
  • Jim Flood
    Retired Radio Broadcasting
  • George Siler
    Youth For Change
    Member, Paradise Rotary Club



  • Christine Boyle
    Owner, CB Properties,
    Chair, North Valley Housing Trust
    Member, League of Women Voters
  • Jim Broshears
    Retired Paradise Fire Chief
    Former business owner
    Member, Paradise Lions Club
    Member, Butte County & Paradise Ridge Fire Safe Councils
  • Chris M. Buzzard
    Chief of Police, Paradise, CA. (Ret.)
    Member, Measure C Oversight Committee
  • Roger Bylund
    Retired PUSD Superintendent
    Member, Paradise Rotary Club
  • James Clarkson
    Owner, Hudson's Appliance
    Member, Paradise Rotary Club
    Paradise Planning Commissioner
  • Kelley Conner
    Vice Chair, Owner, PostNet
    Board Member, Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce
    Board member, Paradise Performing Arts Center

  • Bill Hartley
    Retired Paradise Police Sergeant
    Co-owner - Joy Lynn's Candies
    Co-Founder - Paradise Chocolate Festival
  • Pam Hartley
    Co-Owner - Joy Lynn's Candies,
    Co-Founder - Paradise
    Chocolate Festival
  • Jacky Hoiland
    Retired PUSD District
  • Scot Hoiland
    Retired Butte College Professor
  • Cliff Jacobson
    Co-Owner, Chapelle de L'Artiste Chateau and Retreat
    Owner- SprayChem
  • Les Jauron
    Vice President, Butte College
  • Phil John
    5th District Member, Butte County Planning Commission, Member, Paradise Ridge Fire Safe Council
  • Al McGreehan
    Paradise Community. Development Director,(Ret)
    Board member, Paradise Recreation & Parks District
  • Dina McSpadden
    Co-Owner, The Screen and Window Shop
    (Ret) teacher/youth counselor
    Member, Paradise Rotary Club
  • Donna Nichols
    PUSD School Board Member
  • Martin Nichols
    Retired Red Bluff City Manager
    Member Paradise Planning Commission
  • Patty Davis-Rough
    Realtor, Real Estate Professionals
    Board member, Junior Leadership Development Program
    Development Board of Directors
  • Chuck Rough
    Chair, Retired Paradise Town Manager
    Board Member, Feather River Hospital Heath Foundation Board Member, North Valley Housing Trust
    Member, Butte Office of Education STEM Advisory Council
    Member, CSU Center for Economic Development Advisory Board PUSD LCAP Advisory Committee

  • Melissa Schuster
    Co-Owner, Chapelle de L'Artiste Chateau and Retreat
  • Doug Speicher
    General Manager, Northern Recycling & Waste Systems
  • Casey Taylor
    Principal/Superintendent Achieve Charter School
    Member, Paradise Rotary Club
  • Sandee Williams
    Realtor, former owner of Coldwell Banker Ponderosa Real Estate
    PRPD Board Member 2000-2004
    Member, Paradise Rotary Club

  • Craig Woodhouse
    Retired Aerospace Executive
    Former member Feather River Hospital Governing Board
    Member, Feather River Hospital Health Foundation Board of Directors


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