Together—we can make Paradise even better.



Paradise Citizens’ Alliance is a non-partisan, diverse group of local citizens dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community.


We seek reasoned and well-informed positions on various local, regional, statewide and national issues that we believe may have significant impact on our community.


We then share these positions with our community and those in authority in order to influence public policy for the greater benefit of our fellow citizens.


there’s been no single, non-political group or organization in Paradise taking an in-depth look at our community’s quality of life.

Nor was there an organization independently researching how current community policies and projects address our community’s needs.

Paradise Citizens’ Alliance will spearhead that independent research and then advocate, based on facts, for policies and projects in areas such as these:

  • Local economy
  • Schools
  • Public safety
  • Health services
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure (including technology)
  • Transportation
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Community culture
  • Support services for adults, youth, seniors and families

It's our Town. Let's maintain our quality of life, keep it safe and moving forward!

The Town of Paradise has pressing public safety and infrastructure needs that must be addressed to maintain the most basic quality of life in this community. The mission of the Paradise Citizens' Alliance is to help improve the quality of life in Paradise.

Based on the PCAʼs survey in 2013, it believes that the public safety and infrastructure needs addressed by Measure C are critical to the future of the community. For these reasons, the PCA supported Measure C and urged our fellow citizens to do the same.

The PCA also encourages the Town to maintain its credibility on Measure C by clearly defining the projects that will be funded and ensuring that any funds that are allocated are used for these projects. Now that Measure C passed, the PCA will closely monitor its implementation.

PCA featured on North State television program

Paradise Citizens' Alliance member Chuck Rough traveled to Redding in August to be interviewed on KIXE Public Television's community-focused program, The Forum.

Rough discussed PCA's formation as well as its many projects, including the results of the community-wide survey.

Watch the program Online here.

Quality of Life Advocacy Positions (to date):

As a follow-up to the results from our community-wide, quality of life survey in which a significant majority of respondents identified the lack of pedestrian sidewalks as a major quality of life concern, the Paradise Citizens Alliance wrote letters of support for three separate grant funded sidewalk projects that the Town of Paradise has applied for to the State.

After study and analysis of all the information and data available, including arguments for and against associated with the Townʼs proposed Skyway Downtown Safety Improvement Project, the Paradise Citizens' Alliance submitted a letter of support endorsing the project. In endorsing the project, the Alliance stated, “...we canʼt think of a more worthy infrastructure project for improving the quality of life in Paradise than a project that seeks to reduce the alarmingly high number of injury collisions and fatalities that have occurred over the last ten years in this stretch of the Skyway running through the Downtown; and whose overriding objective is to improve the personal safety of our citizens, whether as motorists or as pedestrians.”

Quality of Life Projects (to date):


Founding Members Emeritus

  • Tom Baker
  • Glenn Bruno
    Architect/Master Builder
  • Mark Dale
    Cedar Creek Communications
  • Tonya Dale
    Cedar Creek Communications
  • Jim Flood
  • George Siler

Active Members

  • Christine Boyle
    Owner, CB Properties, Chair, Norh Valley Housing Trust
  • Jim Broshears
    Retired Paradise Fire Chief, Owner, Trailhead Adventures
  • Chris M. Buzzard
    Chief of Police, Paradise, CA. (Ret.)
  • Roger Bylund
    PUSD Superintendent
  • James Clarkson
    Retail Appliance Sales & Service, Rotarian, Paradise Planning Commissioner
  • Kelley Conner
    Vice Chair, Owner, PostNet
  • Kevin Erich
    President and CEO, Feather River Hospital
  • Bill Hartley
    Retired Paradise Police Sergeant, Co-owner- Joy Lynn's Candies, Co-Founder- Paradise Chocolate Festival
  • Pam Hartley
    Co-Owner - Joy Lynn's Candies, Co-Founder - Paradise Chocolate Festival
  • Jacky Hoiland
    Co-Founder, Project Vision
  • Scot Hoiland
    retired Butte College professor
  • Cliff Jacobson
    Co-Owner, Chapelle de L'Artiste Chateau and Retreat, Owner- SprayChem
  • Les Jauron
    Vice President, Butte College
  • Al McGreehan
    Retired Paradise Community Development Director, Paradise Recreation & Park District Board of Directors member, Part-time Geography Instructor-Butte College
  • Dina McSpadden
    Co-Owner, The Screen and Window Shop
  • Donna Nichols
    PUSD School Board Member
  • Martin Nichols
    Retired Red Bluff City Manager, Member Paradise Planning Commission
  • Patty Davis-Rough
    Realtor, Century 21 Jeffries Lyden, Member- Junior Leadership Development Board of Directors
  • Chuck Rough
    Chair, Retired Paradise Town Manager
  • Melissa Schuster
    Co-Owner, Chapelle de L'Artiste Chateau and Retreat
  • Doug Speicher
    General Manager, Northern Recycling & Waste Systems
  • Casey Taylor
    Principal/Superintendent, Achieve Charter School
  • Sandee Williams
    Realtor, Rotarian, former owner of Coldwell Banker Ponderosa Real Estate, PRPD Board Member 2000- 2004 
  • Craig Woodhouse
    Retired Aerospace Executive